5 Oct

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”  ~ Han Suyin

I have to admit that there are several things that impress me; but, the number one thing that impresses me about another person is his or her gentleness.  We live in such a rough and tumble world in which we kick and push and shove our way through life.  To see someone authentically gentle can be very disarming.

I have seen many gentle people in the healing profession:  doctors, nurses, aides, orderlies, et cetera.  I have seen many gentle people in the teaching profession as well.  When they approach someone in need, the truly gentle person immediately puts the other person as ease.  It makes it much easier for the gentle person to help

In contrast, I have seen many rough people as well.  If you have ever seen a person who is brusque and rough with others, you know that “at ease” is hardly one of the things another person would feel around a truly rough person.  Instead, the other person would feel tense and defensive.

Jesus was meek and gentle of heart.  That was why so many people came to Him.  They knew that they would not be judged by Him.  Instead, Jesus would go out of His way to help them.  Even if Jesus corrected them, it would be in a gentle kind of way that would invite them to trust in God’s grace.

I want to be gentle, I really do.  Unfortunately, I know that there are many times in my life that I have been far from gentle.  I feel badly afterwards; but, there are times that I know I react before thinking and someone might have hurt feelings because of it.  I try to keep gentleness on my mind, though.

I think about some of the great saints that were gentle as lambs.  They were able to sway kings and rulers as well as barbarians and despots.  They were able to do so because they were not seen as threats of any kind.  Not perceived as a threat, others would be more open to their message of God’s love.

You are going to be faced with many choices today in your interactions with others.  How will you act toward them and in their presence?

FAITH ACTION:  Try to be as gentle as possible in your dealings with others today.  You might find that it is harder than you think.  Keep working at it.