Gathering Together

25 Jun

“Festivals are fun for kids, fun for parents and offer a welcome break from the stresses of the nuclear family. The sheer quantities of people make life easier: loads of adults for the adults to talk to and loads of kids for the kids to play with.” ~ Tom Hodgkinson

There is something to be said for sheer numbers.  When a lot of people gather together, that generally says something. This is the time of year for gatherings of sort.  Numbers of people have been and will be gathering for graduation open houses. These events help people to celebrate  their achievement even as they look ahead to new possibilities.

The summer usually sees a fair share of weddings as well, though more and more seem to be taking place in the fall. The gatherings at weddings celebrate life and love and the promise that love brings to people.  Generations gather together and share their stories and pledge to support those newly wed.

Of course, this is also the season for festivals.  Churches and communities host many different types of festivals during the summer.  Some highlight games.  Some highlight music.  Some highlight food and drink.  Some highlight art or classic cars.  These festivals give people a chance to enjoy some things they might not be able to have on a regular basis.

Yes, gathering together can be a very good thing.  It is in gatherings that we find mutual support, shared recreation, and the exchange of memories.

That is one of the reasons that our weekly gatherings at Mass are so important.  While we can always pray at home, there is power in numbers.  Part of the benefit of numbers is that we can see that our faith does not matter just to us alone but to a larger group of people.

Sharing the faith with one another, telling the stories of our faith, singing together, partaking of the Eucharist as one family, these are all ways that the people of God can  support and celebrate one another.  Our time together is extremely important.  It makes us realize that we are a part of a much larger family.

We have been having these Eucharistic gatherings for nearly 2,000 years now.  In all that time, the faith has been celebrated and reinforced.  Take that faith out with you today and share it with those you encounter.

FAITH ACTION:  Your prayer life might be private; but, your faith should be celebrated in public.  When you gather with family or friends, do your best to share your faith with them today.