Focus Upon The Destination

2 Dec

“Advent is a journey towards Bethlehem. May we let ourselves be drawn by the light of God made man.” ~ Pope Francis

There might be some people who disagree with me but I work pretty hard every day. There are many weeks that I do not even get my day off. I always joke that, if the diocese ever allowed us to have vacation days for the missed days off I’ve incurred, I would be able to go on vacation for three years. Perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much when my vacations come around. There are very few things that make me miss a vacation.

I look forward to my vacations. They are almost always trips to Disney World in Florida or cruises to various parts of the world. Those vacations give me a chance to unwind and fill me with peace and joy. They also serve to revitalize me so that I can come back to the parish and work hard for my parishioners. Service is my life and I joyfully accept that.

Our work through Advent helps us to appreciate our celebration of Christmas. It helps us focus upon the destination which is the Kingdom of God. Our lives are often so filled with work and other plans and activities that we forget about the spiritual work that needs to be accomplished in our lives. We need to prepare for the call of God to our eternal home.

When we recognize that Advent is a journey towards Bethlehem, we take our eyes off of the world and fix them firmly upon the Lord. We remember that the light came into the world in the birth of Jesus Christ, God made man. That light warms us in His love, draws us to Himself, and leads us to the Kingdom.

FAITH ACTION: Reflect upon the hope brought to you by the birth of Jesus Christ and ask God to give you the grace to keep that hope alive in your heart.