Focus On What Lies Ahead

3 Feb

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
~ Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Jack Kerouac had a television special called On the Road.  I used to love watching it to see where he would end up and to hear about the fascinating things at the places he visited.  He did not compare the present city, town, or rural area to places he had been in the past.  I never remember him saying that he wished he would go back to any place.  He was always looking at the next destination and planning for it.

We are on the road as well:  the road to the Kingdom.  We need to keep ourselves focused on the journey to make sure that we do not detour.  After Jesus’ death on the cross, a couple of His disciples decided to hit the road and made their way to Emmaus.  There were using the road as a way to flee potential arrest, torture, and death.  On the road, they met Jesus, who opened their eyes to the scriptures and gave them the courage to proclaim the Good News to the other disciples.

Too many people allow their past to tie them up and hold them back.  Mistakes that were made, deeds done or left undone, these all haunt people.  There is often nothing that we can do to undo our past.  The best we can do it to learn from it, to seek forgiveness if necessary, and to move on in order to make our present and future better.

The roads of our lives have many a twist and turn.  Our roads may be fraught with danger.  Yet, if we keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open, Jesus will be more than happy to lead the way.  Do not let the mistakes of the past hinder you from continuing on the road.  Do not allow yourself to be stuck in place our of fear, guilt, or worry.  Rather, fix your eyes on the Lord, take the next step, and remember that He will walk with you always.

FAITH ACTION:  Let go of a past that might be holding you back and focus on what lies ahead.