Feeling Guilty? No Problem.

13 Mar

“A guilty suffering spirit is more open to grace than an apathetic or smug soul.”
~ Edna Hatlestad Hong

Guilt can do a lot of things to a lot of people and many try to do everything that they can to escape feelings of guilt. However, if we are feeling guilty about something, that is our soul’s way of telling us that there is something wrong with our relationship with God. A person who truly wishes to be as close to God as possible will do everything possible to listen to the guilt speaking within. That guilt makes us honest people.

If we try to stuff our guilt or ignore our guilt, it will end up gnawing at us or blunting us. The danger to that is that we can fall prey to even greater sin. We need to allow our guilt to speak to us while not allowing it to control us.

The best way to do that is to acknowledge our guilt and then to work at the reasons for it. If we feel guilty about ignoring certain people, for example, we need to change our ways and try to be more open and welcoming to people. If we feel guilty about hiding things in lies, we need to do all that we can to tell the truth, even if it means “paying the price” for acknowledging things that we may have done wrong.

Do not let guilt win. Control your guilt. Acknowledge your guilt. Change your life so that you do not have to feel that guilt anymore.

If you think it is impossible, think again.  With God, all things are possible. That is what the season of Lent says to us every day. Let God in and let God help you change your life.

FAITH ACTION:  If sin is making you feel guilty, it might be time to plan going to confession so that you will be in a better place in order to celebrate Easter when it arrives.