18 Oct

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.” ~ Criss Jami

The tragic flaw in humanity is that we seem to think that we should get whatever we want whenever we want it.  We do not like to consider the wants or needs of another.  We do not want to think about someone else’s feelings.  Everything should revolve around us.  Our needs should be met.  Our wants should be satisfied.  Our fantasies should be fulfilled.

There are industries that thrive around that philosophy.  They cater to all the baser wants and “needs” of humanity.  In the process of catering to people, they often demean others.

We might look around and say, “How in the world did we get here?!”  However, the sad reality is that this has been a part of our human condition for as long as there have been written records.  From the time of bloody sacrifices to the fleshpots of biblical times to the rampant hedonistic industries of today, fulfilling wants and desires has been of prime importance to many people.

We Christians, on the other hand, are challenged to live counter-culturally.  We are called to stand against excess, greed, violence, hedonism, and all sorts of vices.  We are invited to be examples of virtue in a world gone astray.

Any sane, logical person would say that there is no hope against all of that.  They would be wrong.  There is hope.  But, it is not found in the world.  It is found in the Lord.

We cannot fight the world’s ills by using the world’s means.  We have to fight the world’s ills by becoming true people of God.  Only when we embrace our Lord will we find the strength and courage to face what comes our way.

The world is a frightening place.  It has been that way for ages and, sadly, will probably remain that way for a long time.  We do not have to accept the fear, though.  We can live in the peace of Christ and face the world head on.  In a battle against sin and evil, God will always win.  As long as we stay on the side of God, we have no need to worry.

FAITH ACTION:  If you have taken advantage of someone or harmed someone in any way to get to where you are today, do what you can to make amends.