Dream And Pray

12 Sep

“Dream big. Pray bigger.”  ~ Unknown

My doctors would say that big is a problem.  Big, in terms of weight, is an issue that I have fought with all my life.  I know that I am not alone in that regard.  Health problems often come about with size.

But, big is not always a problem.  Thinking big, planning big, dreaming big, and doing big are all a part of life.  The world always seems to make progress because of the big thoughts and dreams of others.

Yes, big is not a problem, as long as we back our big dreams and plans with big prayer.  If we dream big and say that we are going to do it on our own, we are cutting the most important person out of the picture and are dooming ourselves to failure.  God needs to be a part of our lives.  Without God, we fall flat on our faces.

Therefore, if we are going to dare to dream big, we need to pray just as big if not bigger.  We need to ask God for the help that we need to get things done, to keep our lives in order, and to build His Kingdom here on earth.

That is really what our lives are supposed to be all about:  building up His Kingdom here on earth and not our own.  Get busy with the dreaming and the doing.  Get just as busy praying.

FAITH ACTION:  Plan/visualize what you need to do today and then pray that you can achieve your plans and more.