Don’t Wait For Others

8 Mar

“Don’t wait for leaders.  Do it alone.  Person to person.”  ~ St. Teresa of Calcutta

Do you know why more people are not provided what they need?  It’s because too many people know their plight but are waiting for someone else to help.  It’s true.  It’s a sad part of our human nature.  We don’t want to get involved in the affairs of others.  We don’t want to be the ones who reach out.  We would rather wait for someone else to do what is necessary.

We don’t just sit aside idly waiting, either.  No.  There are many times that we are more than willing to give money — sometimes big money — to have someone else do what is needed.  We donate to many causes to salve our consciences because, deep down, we know that we should be doing something as well.

Jesus called us to be doers.  He did not instruct His followers to sit around and do nothing or to sit around and pray that someone else would help out.  No.  He sent His followers into the world, telling them to cure the sick, raise the dead, and announce favor from God.  Cure.  Raise.  Announce.  Those are all action words.  And Jesus meant action because He didn’t just say those things, He did those things.

So where and when did humanity decide that it would be all right to sit around and let others take care of business?  Mother Teresa knew what was important.  She was an action person and challenged her followers and anyone who would listen to her to do.  If something needed to be done, they were told to do it.

That is still incredible wisdom today.  Something, indeed, needs to be done.  Don’t wait for someone else.  Do it.

FAITH ACTION:  Make a plan to help someone out today and then carry it out.