Don’t Stagnate

21 Jul

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Will Rogers

There are many motivational campaigns based upon the phrase, “Just Do It!”  I do believe that Will Rogers would agree with that one hundred percent.  Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.  Experience, whether based upon bad judgment or good judgment, garners experience, wisdom, and, dare I say it, good judgment.

The key is to do something.

So many times, we do not feel motivated to do something.  We avoid doing for fear of making a mistake and making ourselves look foolish.  So, instead, we sit and stagnate.  Those around us accomplish what they set out to do and move ahead in life.  We, because we were afraid to strike out and make an attempt, go nowhere.

God does not want us to sit and stagnate.  He wants us doing something.  Anything.  Even if it be minimal.  That was the heart of one of the Lord’s parables, that of the talents.  One servant was given ten talents, invested it and made ten more.  Another was given five talents, invested it, and made five more.  The third was given two talents and, in fear, buried them until the master’s return.  The master was pleased with the first two because they each doubled their talents.  The third, did not even invest it in a bank for minimal interest.  The master was greatly upset.

Jesus gave His followers much.  He then instructed them to go out and use all that they had been given.  He did not want them to squander their gifts or hide away in fear.  He wanted them to be bold and vocal.  He still wants that from His followers today.

Our world may not want to hear us.  This is no different than it was in the time of Christ.  Our world needs to hear us, though.  It needs to hear that God has something in store for it and that God wants us to be engaged in the work of the Kingdom.

Are you willing to go out today?  Or, are you tempted to remain put, lest you try and fail?

FAITH ACTION:  Do your best to learn from your experiences this day so that you may make even better judgments tomorrow.