Don’t Be Ordinary

27 Apr

“I can’t believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.”  ~ Lou Holtz

Holtz had a long and prolific career in football and at Notre Dame.  He never wavered when it came to speaking out about his faith and about what he feels God expects of us.  Today’s quote is one of my favorites of his.  I, too, don’t believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.

The world does its best to get us to believe that we should all be ordinary, that we should all fit in.  No one should shine.  We should all just conform.  Hogwash.

God wants us to be much more than ordinary.  Extraordinary is probably not even enough.  God calls us to shine like His Son, to be stellar men and women of the faith, and to spread the Good News to everyone we encounter.

Mediocrity is a thing of the world.  Mediocrity is exactly what the world hopes we embrace because, if we do so, we will not try to rise above the norm and show people how they should be living.  Not that we should do so in any kind of judgmental fashion.  Rather, we should be living such a life that it inspires others to want to draw closer to the Lord.  Doing so, they will detach themselves from the parts of the world that hold them down.

Holtz inspired winners in the teams he coached.  He inspired them to strive for success.  He wanted them to lead on and off the field.  His quote today inspires us to be winners in the faith, to lead among family and friends as well as among coworkers and even strangers.

Don’t settle.  Don’t embrace mediocrity.  Instead, embrace — and live — the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread His Good News throughout the world.

FAITH ACTION:  Let your light shine today.  Don’t blend in, be an example to others.