Don’t Be Afraid To Be Odd

11 Jun

“You have to be odd to be number one.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

I think that we all, at one point or another in our lives, fall prey to the “what do other people think of me?” syndrome.  Children are usually hard hit with it when they first begin school.  They allow themselves to be ruled by their peers in order to be accepted.

We go out of our way so as not to be called odd or the outsider.  But, good ol’ Dr. Seuss reminds us of a reality:  one is an odd number.  If we want to be number one, we will have to strive to be odd.  This goes hand in hand with the scriptures that talk about us being fools for Christ.  The world see the cross as pure folly and, subsequently, the people who embrace the cross as total fools.  However, the folly of the cross is greater than all the wisdom of the world.

We have to allow ourselves to be looked upon as fools, as odd, if we are going to be faithful to the Lord.  The sooner we get used to that, the sooner we accept that, the sooner we will be able to claim the name of Christian.

Do not allow others to determine who you are going to be or how you are going to act.  The gospel challenges us to love unreservedly.  The world would tell us to put conditions on our love.  The gospel challenges us to forgive freely.  The world tells us it’s okay to hold grudges and to get back at those who hurt us.  The gospel challenges us to proclaim the Good News to all we meet.  The world would have us shut our mouths about that name, thank you very much.

The world is not even number two.  It’s trying it’s best but can never be better than the Lord and His way.  Why, then, should we allow the world to sway our decisions and our way of life?  The world wants to calls us fools?  Let it.  We know better because we know Jesus.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t be afraid what other people may think of you.  Just live the faith boldly this day.