Does Jesus Make You Uncomfortable?

21 Jan

Jesus came with his disciples into the house.
Again the crowd gathered,
making it impossible for them even to eat.
When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him,
for they said, “He is out of his mind.”  (Mk 3:20-21)

When I was younger — as well as through seminary and even my first several years of priesthood — I used to wonder why in the world we had this Gospel reading presented to us.  It just seemed to be so negative.

But, you know something, it is definitely a reflection of reality.  Jesus can make us feel very uncomfortable at times.

It might be because of what we perceive we are called to do.  It might be because of the change in our lives we feel we need to make.  It might be because of the people with whom we are called to associate.  There are things about following the Lord that can truly bug us.

You can well imagine Jesus’ notoriety.  Wherever he went, crowds were sure to form or follow.  His family and friends would never have any peace, it would seem.  Some of them reached the breaking point.  “He is out of his mind,” they said.

How many times have we thought, “If Jesus wants me to do this, He must be nuts.  Does He really expect that to happen?”

Following the Lord may involve challenge.  It may involve much work.  It may involve anguish.  It may be confusing.  It may be uncomfortable.  And yet, we know that we are called to follow nonetheless.

FAITH ACTION:  Take inventory of the things about your faith and/or your relationship with Jesus that make you uncomfortable.  Ask the Lord to help you understand why it is so in order to bring you more peace inside yourself.