Does It Seem Impossible?

22 Apr

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  ~ Nelson Mandela

I don’t know how many tasks and projects that I have accomplished in my life that I began with the thought, whispered word, or shout: “That’s impossible!”  And yet, beginning slowly and carefully, the task or project grew and developed until it was completed.  The impossible became a reality.

Sometimes things seem impossible to us because we simply have not done them before and do not have an inkling on how to begin.  Sometimes things seem impossible to us because we have seen other people attempt something and fail at it.  Still other times things seem impossible to us because we lack self-confidence.

If there were ever a group of people who lacked self-confidence, it would have to be the apostles.  They stumbled and bumbled many a time.  Whenever they set out to do something based on their own ambition, they failed.  It took them a while to realize that the impossible would only get done if they were working in concert with the Lord.  They could do very little on their own but setting out “in the name of Jesus” they witnessed cures and all sorts of other miracles.

We might be aware that we need to change.  There are things in us that keep us from the Lord.  When we look at the need to let go of some of the things in our lives that are comfortable yet sources of sin, we think that it would be impossible to do.  We need to learn not to rely upon ourselves in those times but to rely, instead, upon the grace and the love of God.  “Impossible” is not a word in God’s dictionary.

FAITH ACTION:  Set out to live an outstanding Christian life today and know that, with God’s help, it is possible.