Do The Ridiculous

24 Mar

Naaman went down and plunged into the Jordan seven times
at the word of the man of God.
His flesh became again like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.  (2 Kgs 5:14)

Sometimes, the Word of God appears to be ridiculous.  Sometimes, we feel ridiculous when we are doing what we believe is God’s will.

And sometimes, it is, indeed, ridiculous.

Ridiculous, that is, in the sight of this world.  But in the eyes of God, merely a part of His great and mysterious plan.

Naaman went to Elisha in the hope of becoming cured of his leprosy at the hands of the great prophet of God.  Elisha told him, in effect, “Go jump in the lake.”  Okay, maybe not the lake.  Rather, the Jordan river.  And not just once, but seven times.

Naaman was upset.  He turned to go away.  It was his servants who spoke some sense to him.  They told Naaman that he would have been willing to do anything extraordinary if the prophet had instructed him to do so.  All the more, why not acquiesce to doing something “normal” such as bathing in a river.

When Naaman went to obey what he thought to be a ridiculous order from the prophet, he found that he was cleansed and made whole.

We often feel that performing the works of the Lord might appear to be ridiculous to those around us.  Many times, in our embarrassment, we end up not doing what we should.  Today’s reminder to us is to do what the Lord asks, no matter how it may appear to others — or to ourselves.

FAITH ACTION:  If you feel that the things you do for the faith are futile — like jumping in a river seven times — ask the Lord to help you to be firm in your resolve.