Do Not Delay

7 Aug

Some may come and some may go
We shall surely pass
When the one that left us here
Returns for us at last
We are but a moment’s sunlight
Fading in the grass

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
~ The Youngbloods, “Get Together”

Life is all about love.  That is truly what it is all about.  We learned that love, hopefully, when we were very young by the love that was given to us by our parents or grandparents or foster parents or those who raised us.  As a matter of fact, psychologists and social workers throughout the years have told us that those who do not experience love in their first years of life grow up to be very dysfunctional at best.  We need to receive love.  If we do not, we never learn how to give love.

The one who showed us how to love best is Jesus.  His words about love were followed by concrete examples.  Jesus’ love was totally inclusive.  He loved all people who came to Him.  Jesus’ love was totally merciful.  He forgave anyone who wronged Him and who asked for forgiveness.  Jesus’ love was totally sacrificial.  He gave His life so that all of us may live.

With the example of such a perfect love, we all have the opportunity to practice what we have learned and what we experience from Jesus.  When someone wrongs us, we are challenged to forgive, just as Jesus forgave and continues to forgive us.  When someone is hurting, we are challenged to reach out to them in love, even if it is inconvenient to us.  When someone ignores us, we are challenged to invite them into our hearts and lives nonetheless because God does the same for us when we ignore Him.

We are all on the path to the Kingdom.  Someday “the one that left us here” will return in His glory.  When He does, he is going to want to see what we have accomplished.  On our own, we cannot accomplish anything.  However, living in God’s love, anything is possible.  Come on people now, try to love one another right now.

FAITH ACTION:  As God loves us, as Jesus loves us, and as the Spirit loves us, do not delay:  love everyone you meet this day with the love of God.