Do More Than Scratch The Surface

14 Mar

“Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.”  ~ Gianna Perada

Just how did you plan to spend your Lent?  Did you decide that you were going to be “safe” and superficial?  Did you give up things that do not really affect you a whole lot or volunteer to do something that is not a sacrifice but, rather, something that really interests you or gives you enjoyment?  Did you decide to pray a little bit more because you had the time to do so?  Did you decide to give someone a pass who may have rubbed you the wrong way?

All those things do nothing more than scratch the surface.  Oh, sure, you might be able to say that you “fulfilled” the obligations of Lent.  You might have followed the liturgical rules.  However, there was no real “cost” to you in the long run.

On the other hand, you might have decided to do much more than play it safe and superficial.  You might have given something up that you not only enjoy, but crave.  You might have decided to go out of your comfort zone and volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen or decided to visit those in the county jail.  You might have rearranged an already tight schedule in order to go to daily Mass or spend extra time in prayer at home or in the chapel.  You might have decided to forgive a person who has hurt you greatly in the past.

All of these things touch the soul in incredible ways.  The amount of time and energy that goes into the fulfillment of those types of resolutions, truly, are gifts to God.

There are two ways to do Lent: safe and on the surface or deep and touch the soul.  Which do you think God would ask of you?  Are you willing to give it all to Him?

FAITH ACTIONMake your Lenten journey count.  Let your Lenten sacrifices touch your soul.