Deathly Silence

30 Mar

Are you unaware that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus 
were baptized into his death?
We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death, 
so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead 
by the glory of the Father, 
we too might live in newness of life.  (Rom 6:3-4)

Today, the earth waits in silence for the resurrection.

The silence is a fearful one that echoes the silence of that first Holy Saturday when the Lord Jesus’ body lie in the tomb.

As far as His disciples knew, the end was at hand.  To their way of thinking, a dead body, placed in a tomb, had no hope, even if they saw a dead person being raised a few times by Jesus.

After all, the one who did the raising, Himself, now was dead.

Hope was placed in the tomb along with the Lord’s body.

Hope was dashed.

Hope was destroyed.

Fear remained.

We often live our lives in fear.

But Jesus delivers us from fear.  He gives us much in which to hope, if we but allow Him.

FAITH ACTION:  The Church wait this day for the celebration of Easter.  Join the wait in joyful anticipation.