Dance Before The Lord

23 Jan

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  ~ Vivian Greene

Many people have asked me, through the years, why I go to Disney every year.  There are several answers; but, one of them is that I am a committed “people watcher”.  I get the biggest kick out of watching people interact with one another and with life in general.  That is why rain has always fascinated me.

This was something that I noticed when I was very young.  There are, generally, two types of rain people: those who walk in the rain with their heads bowed down so that their faces do not get wet and those who look up in the rain and take great delight in it.  If I had a nickle for every child that I laughed at who practically danced for joy in the rain, I would be able to retire comfortably.

Yes, that is one thing I have noticed through the years:  children meet the rain head on and face up, jumping in puddles and dancing with delight at the rains.  Adults walk along with grave determination, doing everything they can not to get wet.  I do not know why that happens; but, I do know that I fall into the second category now.  I used to love the rain.  I would beg my mom to allow me to go outside and play in the rain.  It was fun.  It was refreshing.  It felt “real”.  When and why did I decide that rain was something to frown upon, something to avoid?

Rain is going to come whether we like it or not and whether we are prepared for it or not.  Rain is a part of life.  As a matter of fact, without rain, there would be no life as we cannot live without water.  Since it is such a crucial part of our lives, we should learn to welcome it and to celebrate it.

The same holds for the “rain” in our personal lives and in our spiritual lives.  Our days are not always emotionally bright and sunny.  There are dark days, stormy days, frightening days.  Each of those days has the opportunity to teach us a lesson if we but look for it.  However, if we keep our head’s down and our eyes downcast, we will never be able to see what it is that is there to learn.

God never leaves us alone.  He walks with us daily.  If our day is dark and gloomy, He is the warm and bright spot in the day.  We can always look to Him to find comfort and hope.  So, head’s held high, let us ask God to be our dancing partner and enjoy the rains that fall upon our lives.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to help you through the troubles that may be a part of your life so that you may be free of their burdens and be able to dance with joy in His presence.