7 Nov

Our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  (Phil 3:20)

We just underwent a certain “test” of our citizenship three days ago with elections.

Around this time, we always hear political ads about how we are supposed to do the right thing, how we are to step up to the plate, about how we are to take responsibility for our country by voting responsibly.

Of course, the definition for “responsible” in the ads is to vote the way they want us to vote.

However, all the voting that we do, no matter the good or the bad it may bring to us, is only a temporary blip in the face of eternity.

We are citizens of this country, yes.  I am certainly not disputing that fact.  Nor am I saying that we should not vote responsibly.

However, if we are to focus upon that reality, there is another more important reality upon which to focus:  we are citizens of heaven as well.  As brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have a grave responsibility to one another.  We have to care for one another.  We have to love one another.  We have to protect one another.  For that is the charge that has been given to us by our God.

We await the return of the Lord so that we can be called home.

Until that time, we must be faithful citizens not only of our earthly land but also of our heavenly home.

What can you do, this day, to be prepared for eternity?

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that God give you the grace to act responsibly so that you may inspire others to live for the Lord.