Christ Belongs To All Ages And Peoples

30 Dec

“Christ was born in the first century, yet he belongs to all centuries. He was born a Jew, yet He belongs to all races. He was born in Bethlehem, yet He belongs to all countries.”  ~ George W Truett

One of the hallmarks of God that I have never had a problem accepting is that He is inclusive.  God is truly a God for all.  He cares about all.  He loves all.  He protects all.  He is not partial.  His love is generous, kind, and unconditional.  That was an understanding of mine from the time I was very young.  As I said, I have never had a problem with that.

What I have had a problem with is the God of some of the people I have known through the years: some friends, some acquaintances, some classmates, et cetera.  The God that some of them espoused was partial and conditional.  Their God would reject people, withhold love from people, condemn people gleefully.  If you did not hold to their exact set of beliefs, you were doomed to hell.

Some people have a hard time accepting the fact that God loves everyone equally.  God shows no partiality.  God loves unconditionally.  Yes, there is a response demanded of us and our response has implications for where we will be for eternity.  But God?  He loves all just the same.  God truly belongs to the ages and the people of all times and places.  To think otherwise is to attempt to limit a God that is limitless.

That is the first hard truth that we need to consider.  The second truth is most likely harder for many people:  God wants us to be just like Him.  He wants us to be a people of love.  He wants that love to be unconditional.  He doesn’t want us to show partiality of any kind.  He wants us to be merciful to all and just to all.  He wants us to include all people in our lives and to respect everyone regardless of race, creed, nationality, or any other distinction.

Look to the Christmas miracle if you are having a hard time with that request from God.  He set the example for us by setting aside His glory and becoming a tiny, frail infant.  He grew up among us, taught us, and in the fulness of His time on earth gave His life for us by dying on a cross.  In response to so great a love, we could at least try to love one another more this day.

FAITH ACTION:  As Christ was born for all, be as inclusive as you can be today, honoring and respecting all people for the brothers and sisters they are in Christ.