Change Yourself

17 Jul

“Everyone thinks of changing the world.  No one thinks of changing himself.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy

There are a lot of “changemeisters” out there today.  Those are the people — an incredible amount of people no less — who are demanding change. They are demanding that others change in order to conform with their preconceived notion of what our society and our world is supposed to look like.

They are very quick to tell others what they should be doing or what they shouldn’t be doing.  Yet never once, in all of their diatribes, do I here the word “I” when it comes to people or habits that need to change.  They do not say “I am wrong” or “I need to change”.  No.  Their attention is focused solely on others in the external world.

While they might be on to something in terms of things that need to change, they are entirely wrong if they do not admit that they just might be part of the problem.  And if they do not admit that they are part of the problem, then the change that is necessary will never really come about because they will refuse to change.

That is the real situation that Tolstoy points out in today’s quote, “No one thinks of changing himself.”  It is only when we change that we can improve ourselves and perhaps even our world.  Change is a part of existence.  It has been a part of the world ever since it was created.  Can you imagine what the world would be if it had never changed?  It still would be a lifeless hunk of rock spinning in the galaxy.

Because of change, the world developed into a place that could sustain life.  And life came about.  God fashioned us in His image and likeness and instructed us to have dominion over the world, developing it, changing it, and safeguarding it in the process.

I had what I would consider to be a good and happy childhood.  But I would not want to go back to it.  I have changed through the years, growing and maturing, and the changes have brought me to where I am today.  I see even more possibilities for all of my tomorrow’s until God calls me into His eternal today.  Only when that happens will change no longer be necessary.  Until then, change is crucial.

If you think the world around you is crazy and needs some changing, don’t insist that it change.  Instead, be the change that you think needs to take place.  Model the change that you believe to be important.  If you do, others will see what you have become and will want to join you.  It is always better to welcome people to change than to impose it upon them.

FAITH ACTIONAsk God what change needs to take place in you and then ask Him for the grace that you need to change.