Change Your Mind

9 Jul

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

“Change” can be a four-letter word to many people.  I know, I know.  It’s really six letters; but, go with me here.  It is such a nasty word because people do not have the desire to change.  They like things to remain the same so that there is predictability in their lives.

There are many people who do not want change even if it means something better, something less painful.  For them, the predictability of their sad or bad circumstances is more comforting than to initiate change which would launch them to the unknown.  They fear that their life circumstances might get worse and not better.

There are many reasons why people do not change.  The need to change, though, is very important.  We do not grow or develop if we do not change.  We do not improve our lives if we do not change.  Change is something that happens not only in the practice of our lives but in our minds as well.  Shaw hit upon something that is incredibly crucial.  We have to learn to change our minds.

Many an invention would not have come about if someone did not think, “If I change my perception about this, I might be able to improve it.”  Changing our minds not only affects our external world, changing our minds also affects us internally.

How many people hold grudges against others?  They often do so because they are unwilling to consider the fact that the other has changed.  A person who may have hurt us in the past might have come up to us seeking reconciliation.  However, we may have refused to consider the fact that the person is truly sorry.  We refuse to change our mind about the way we view that person.  We keep them at a distance to us.  Our lives might be poorer because of that.  For all we know, we might be rejecting someone who would become a best friend to us or a beneficial co-worker.

Changing our minds gives us the opportunity to consider something anew, from a different perspective.  I would dare say that many of us need to change our minds about God and the way that He works.  Too many people think of God as a magic-maker.  Their faith often incorporates a lot of superstition.  They often see God as very distant and not really caring or involved.

What is your perception of God?  Is He close to you?  Is He your best friend?  Do you think that He loves you unconditionally?  If you think God is distant or uncaring or unfriendly or unloving, it’s time to change your mind about Him and come to know Him in a deeper, more personal, way.

The same might hold true for the people in your life.  Maybe you need to change your mind about them as well.

FAITH ACTION:  If you have had a negative impression about someone you deal with regularly, give them a fresh start today and see if you can change your mind about them.