Change Your Ending

26 Sep

“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  ~ Unknown

Helplessness is a horrible feeling.  There are many people who feel trapped, helpless, and hopeless.  They think that the choices that they have made have caused them to become trapped in a certain job, career, or way of life.  Feeling that way, they often give up and do not look for alternatives.

However, our choices do not mark us forever.  While we might not be able to go back and change anything in our past, we can alter our future course whenever we want.  I have known people who had been in jobs for a long time and then decided that the job was not for them.  They wanted to go out in a different direction.  They left the job behind and began something new and were incredibly happy.

When they announced their decisions, others in their lives tried to stop them.  Sometimes family members told them they were being foolish.  Coworkers told them that they would fail.  There were those who thought that their decision was going to be disastrous.  However, they went on to that something new and flourished.

If you do not like direction in which your life appears to be heading, do not blame anyone else.  Do not blame yourself.  Just determine what it is you would like to do, what you need to do, and make the change.  Begin again.  Change your ending.

FAITH ACTION:  Identify whatever has hindered you from following the Lord as closely as possible and begin anew today.