Celebrating Mothers

12 May

M erciful
O pen
T ranquil
H elpful
E mpathic
R esourceful

We celebrate some very special people today: our mothers. On Mother’s Day, we call to mind the virtues of those we call mom.

They are merciful. How often do we go to them in times of trouble knowing that, while we may get a talking to or a punishment, we will also be loved unconditionally, forgiven, and shown the way out of our troubles.

Mothers are open to their children and their needs. It might not always be easy for them to hear what their children are saying, especially if they are testing the limits or going against their parents’ values; but, moms have an open ear and an open heart. That goes a long way.

Mothers are tranquil. Even in the most distressing of times, mothers can exude a calm that helps to prevent their children from panicking. They bring a certain peace to situations that are often tense.

Mothers are helpful. You need help? Ask mom.

Mothers are empathic. They seem to know what their children are going through and they are there to help their children through their experiences, good or bad. Mothers always seem to know what to say to their children.

Mothers are resourceful. Give them two rubber bands, three thumb tacks, some cardboard and hot glue and they can practically build a computer! They construct Halloween costumes, prom dresses, birthday cakes, and a whole host of other things out of minimal materials. If the children are open to their teaching, they can become just as resourceful.

We celebrate our mothers today. We also remember our mothers who may have gone before us and are now with the Lord.

We are also mindful, as well, that some mothers do not “measure up” to what we hope a mother could be. There may be tension and strife in some mother-child relationships. Love them anyway. They most likely love you anyway as well.

FAITH ACTION: If your mother is living, make it a point to see her or call her today. Let her know you love her. If deceased, pray for her. If in conflict, forgive her. Forgiveness does a world of good for all.