But, We’re Never Truly Alone

25 Jan

“Some walks you have to take alone.”  ~ Suzanne Collins

There are times in our lives when we feel as if we are all alone.  Sometimes, we have to make a hard decision that might take us away from the company of others.  Sometimes, what we say or do causes us to be ostracized.  Many times we are aware that the path of a Christian is, truly, the “road less traveled” and we can feel as if we are on that road alone.

Some walks do have to be that way.  Jesus told us that, if we remain faithful to Him, we might find ourselves separated from everyone we love.  The great saints, especially the great martyrs, proved His point over and over again.  They went out on their own, the went out on that limb, and they found themselves apparently forsaken by all just as Jesus was.

However, Jesus knew that the Father was always with Him just as we know that Jesus will be with us always.  We never have to walk the path to the Kingdom alone.  We will always have Him as a companion.  Even if family and friend abandon us, even if the wolves snarl at our footsteps, we will have the Lord at our side.

We really need to contemplate this great mystery, this great wonder.  We need to do so because our frail humanity will cause us to think that we are alone.  The devil will play on our minds and try to make us think that we have no one on our side, no one to whom we could turn.  He wants us to forget about Jesus’ abiding presence.  He wants us to search for something that we can see and touch.  He wants us to find hope in the creature comforts of the world.

The devil can do whatever he wants; but, he cannot keep the Lord from our side.  Comfort yourself in that reality.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not be afraid to ask the Lord to be with you.  Ask Him to show you that He is at your side.