Believe In Yourself

9 Feb

“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.”  ~ Joel Brown

Success breeds excitement.  It also breeds confidence.  Success is a wonderful thing to experience.

We need to aim for success in building our own faith lives.  Too many people get a little too ambitious in the early stage of their faith lives.  They try to do too much — too much prayer time, too many organizations promised voluntary service, too many attempts to help others — and, in the process, crash and burn.  Oh.  That might not be a good analogy given I just wrote about rockets.

However, we do not want to crash and burn and end up giving up on our faith lives.  We have to start small.  If someone has not done much in their faith life, one should not expect to do the same things as a twenty-five year volunteer.  We need to start small, succeed, and build on those successful accomplishments.  Only then can we begin to think bigger and plan bigger.  Then, our ambitions can be to reach for something harder.  When we accomplish that, we can reach for even more.

The nice thing about all of this?  Every time we reach and succeed, God is there.  We do not have to overreach in order to be with God.  He is there, waiting for us, in everything we attempt, consoling us in any failure and celebrating with us in every success.

FAITH ACTION:  Building upon the successes you have had in your faith life thus far, chart an ambitious course for today to draw even closer to God by living even more like Christ.