29 Aug

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~ Plato

Yesterday was the first day of a new school year at our parish school.  We began a couple weeks late because of a massive renovation project going on.  It was wonderful to see the students with a look of excitement in their eyes, ready to greet a new year.  Yes, I will be a realist and admit some looked like condemned prisoners checking in for sentencing.  Not everyone likes school.  But, the vast majority were excited and happy to be back.

That is crucial.

Plato, a long time ago, knew that the most important part of any work was “the beginning”.  If we refuse to begin, we will never accomplish anything.  In order to graduate eighth grade this year, the students need to begin the year.  They cannot take the year off and expect a diploma.  In order to secure a promotion at work, the employee has to begin and produce superior work.  If the employee fails to show, a promotion will not be in store.  A termination will.

The same holds true in our faith lives.  We cannot call ourselves “Christian” if we do not begin the day living as Christians.

Each day, we should begin by dedicating the day to God.  Throughout the day, we should pray to God for strength to continue.  At the end of the day, we should review our day, examining our consciences to see where we need to improve.  Before going to bed, we should make our final prayers of the day to God, asking Him to bless us with restful sleep so that we may awake the next day renewed and ready to begin again.

It all starts with that first step.

Big or small, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or ill, we all have the same chance at beginning the day in God’s good graces.

Dream all you want, make the biggest plans you desire, schedule what you need.  Before any of those can be realized, you simply have to begin.

FAITH ACTION:  As you begin your day, do so deliberately, through the eyes of faith.  Make sure that you pray and that you dedicate all your words and actions to the honor and glory of God.