Before The Reward

2 Sep

“Before the reward there must be labor.  You plant before you harvest.  You sow in tears before you reap joy.”  ~ Ralph Ransom

We celebrate Labor Day today.

As we do so, we are mindful that the dignity of work is extremely important to people.  Without the opportunity to work, people do not feel successful or needed.  They often feel that they are failures because they cannot provide their loved ones with what they want and, even more basic, with what they need.

While some people look for labor, other people spend their time working for the wrong reason.  Their lives are filled with “busy-ness”, yet, they do not seem to have any proper focus.  The work that they do is not for good, not for honor, not for the Lord.  Instead, it is selfish.  It is work solely so that they can get ahead, be powerful, and lord it over others.

Our labor should be for the benefit of all.

That is why God set us as stewards to creation.  He instructed us to use His creation for the good of all not to browbeat others with what we have accomplished.

Labor Day was dedicated to the social and economic achievement of workers.  That was the original meaning of the holiday.  Have our achievements been for the good of all?  If not, we need to prioritize what we do.  Have we provided the dignity of work for as many people as possible, so that they can contribute to the good of all?  If not, we need to strive to provide labor for all people.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that all people might find the dignity of labor.