Be Perfected

29 Jul

“The future belongs to the competent. Get good, get better, be the best!”  ~ Brian Tracy

We are all called to become better people day by day.  We are called to improve our prayer lives.  We are called to improve our relationships with one another.  We are called to improve our relationship with God.  All these things take a serious amount of work and time.  We can never slack in those endeavors.  Jesus set the bar high for us when He said, “You must be perfected, even as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

To those who are workaholics, the challenge may be accepted with a certain amount of gladness.  After all, the task is never-ending and will take all sorts of time.  That is right up the alley of workaholics.  To the perfectionist, the challenge might appear daunting; however, it is something that the perfectionist seeks daily anyway.  To the melancholy or pessimist, the challenge would most likely appear overwhelming.  They tend to view everything in their world with a great deal of anxiety.

No one has promised that the life of a Christian would be easy.  Not even Jesus promised that.  However, what has been promised is an eternal life of peace, love, and joy if we hold firm to our Christian life here on earth.  We will never be perfect here.  That is impossible because we are a part of the imperfect, of the world.  Only when our souls have the opportunity to shuck off these mortal shells and go home to the Lord will we finally be perfected.

Until that moment, it is a day-by-day struggle.  It is a day-by-day opportunity.  It is a day-by-day victory.  Hold firm.  Be true.  Give God the chance to provide for you all that you need.  And then go out, confident in His love and His aid.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the courage and patience that you need as you allow Him to continue to perfect you.