Be Grateful

4 May

“If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more?”  ~ Roy T. Bennett

There is nothing that makes me smile more than seeing someone who is happy with what they have received.  The person who treasures a gift or an honor or a position in life is a wonderful blessing to others because that person has an attitude of joy.  That is what gratitude is supposed to be all about.  There are others, unfortunately, who never appear to be grateful.  When they receive a gift, their attitude is more like, “Where’s the rest?  Isn’t there more?  Is this all I’m getting?”

The manner in which we approach what is given to us is very important and speaks volumes about who we are.  I am sure that we would all prefer to be around thankful people rather than around greedy ones.  I think we would prefer to be around appreciative people rather than those who show no appreciation.  If we would prefer to be around grateful, appreciative people, wouldn’t it behoove us to be those kinds of people ourselves?

There are too many people in life who are greedy and grasping.  They do not seem to care about what others might need.  All they care about is themselves and their wants.  Yet, when their want is fulfilled, they just add something new to their wish list.  Let us try not to be like them.  There is no reason that we should not be grateful for everything that we receive.

It might sound a bit corny; however, ask yourself the question: do you pray before meals?  The grateful heart acknowledges blessings.  If we do not even bother to pray before meals, we probably do not think to thank others when they do things for us.  If that is the case, we are far less likely to thank God for His many blessings.  If you are not in the habit of being thankful, start today.

FAITH ACTION: Call to mind the many blessings you have received from God throughout your life and take the time to thank Him today.  Thank others for what they do for you today as well.