Be Crazy Enough

6 Oct

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”  ~ Rob Siltanen

Crazy.  Well, I’ve been called worse.  I guess crazy is just as good as anything else.  After all, St. Paul used to talk about Christians being fools for Christ.  God knows that the world thought about us pretty much the same.  We were stupid, ignorant, blind, brainwashed fools for following Jesus.  That was the thought of many back then and is still the thought of many today.

The quick and easy answer?  “Who cares!”  We should not care what other people think of us.  We should not care what others do to us.  We should not care that many reject what we say or do.  All that matters is that we are doing God’s will.

The Lord commissioned us to “set the world ablaze” and we do so every time we live as He lived.  When we are kind to others, when we are merciful, when we forgive, when we love unreservedly and unconditionally, we often go against the construct of the world.  That, too, is okay because we are right in line with the construct of the only world that matters: the Kingdom of God.

Jesus told His followers that they could change the world.  They were “crazy” enough to believe Him and, because of their belief, they did change the world.  Christians are still being called to change the world today.  We can do so.  Take a look at the lives of people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta or Pope John Paul II or Francis of Assisi.  They loved God so much that they saw Him in all of His people and did everything they could to minister to the Lord.  They changed their worlds radically.

It does not take great people to change the world.  It takes the common person who is crazy enough to believe that God can make a difference.  That person, living the faith to its fullest, is the craziest and most unstoppable catalyst for change that others can ever meet.  Be crazy enough to be that catalyst for the Lord today.

FAITH ACTION:  Have you stopped yourself from doing something for the Lord because you were afraid of what others might think or say of you?  Do not be afraid.  Do it today.