Be A Master Gardener

1 Jul

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”  ~ Thomas Merton

My father was a master gardener.  It seems that he could grow anything upon which he decided.  His gardens were always lush and fertile.  His flower beds were always dense and colorful.  If there is such a thing as a master gardening gene, I never got it.  I’m the master garden killer.  My vegetable vines rot and my plants die.  The only thing that has lasted a long time is the succulent terrarium that I have in my office.  And the only reason that has lasted a long time is because it is artificial.

Jesus spoke about the ground in a couple of parables.  He mentioned the importance of having fertile soil so that we could produce thirty, sixty, or a hundred-fold.  God’s great gift to us is our faith.  It is up to us to tend it so that it can produce.  Because of the gift of free will, God is not going to force us to do anything.  He invites us.  It is up to us to respond.  If our soul is prepared properly, we will be able to respond quickly and faithfully.  If our soul is cluttered with weeds (sin), our response might be minimal or even lacking.

Gardeners will tell you that the soil is extremely important.  It needs to be fertilized.  I can’t tell you the thousands of pounds of grass clippings/mulch I put in dad’s garden throughout my life.  The soil needs to be weeded.  Weeds can quickly choke plants and prevent them from producing or outright kill them.  The soil needs to be watered.  A dry garden bed will not provide the nourishment necessary for the plant’s roots.

Look to the general condition of your soul.  Have you been preparing it with prayer?  Have you been conditioning it with good works?  Have you been watering it with contemplation and quiet time with the Lord?  If so, you will be positioned to produce for the Lord.  If not, get to it.

One thing I learned from my dad is that it’s never too late to turn a losing proposition into a winner.  With the right amount of TLC, your garden can produce abundantly even if attended to later than normal.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to prepare the soil of your soul with ample prayer and good works so that you may produce abundantly.