Awaiting The Return Of Jesus

30 Nov

“Sometimes it seems as though we spend our lives waiting. Daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, worrying over a medical test, preparing for the birth of a grandchild — our days are filled with anticipation and anxiety over what the future holds. As Christians, we, too, spend our lives waiting. But we are waiting for something much bigger than a trip, bigger even than retirement or a wedding: We are waiting for the return of Jesus in glory. Advent heightens this sense of waiting, because it marks not only our anticipation of Jesus’ return, but also our remembrance of His arrival into our world — The Word made Flesh.”  ~ Author Unknown

Advent gives us the time necessary to do some very serious reflection upon two special comings: the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh on that first Christmas day and the Second Coming of Jesus when He will appear in all of His glory at the end of time.

These might seem to be totally unrelated but they are intimately intertwined. Jesus was born for one reason and that was to reconcile us with God by His death and resurrection.  By becoming reconciled with God, we would have the hope of resurrection restored to us.  His first coming is the precursor of the time He will come again.  One inevitably flows from the other.

In order for us to appreciate the true value of Christmas, we must take into account both comings of Christ.  If we do not, we run the risk of relegating Christmas day to its social and worldly aspects: dinner, exchange of gifts, and decorations.  It would lose much of its rich meaning as it becomes just another birthday that needs to be celebrated.

Christmas is more than a day.  It has great implications for us all.  That is why the Church gives us the season of Advent.  There is too much to unpack in just one day.  In order to appreciate the richness of Christmas, we have to begin unpacking it four weeks early.  Each day of Advent gives us another chance to view the spiritual impact of the day upon our lives.

There is a motto that is often used that states “Jesus is the reason for the season.”  It’s very true.  Jesus’ coming is the reason for this special and holy season of Advent.  His coming as a baby was the fulfillment of a promise made long ago that a deliverer would be born to His people.  His second coming is a reminder of the redemption wrought for us by His passion, death, and resurrection.

The reflection of these two realities takes much more than a day.  It takes the entire season of Advent.  Use the season well so that you will be prepared to celebrate and embrace the two comings of Christ.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the grace that you need to wait with expectant hope for the return of His Son.