Asking For Prayers Again

16 May

1stcommuionAs I did two weeks ago when I asked you to pray for the children from our parish school who were to make their First Communion, I now ask you to pray for our parish children in our Religious Education program who will receive their First Holy Communion at a special 10:00 a.m. Mass this morning.

Congratulations to Eleanor Adams, Serena Alvarez, Annalise Andello, Elizabeth Andersson, Sarah Banaszek, Averdane Bhagwandeen, Avernate Bhagwandeen, Kayli Budeselich, Joseph Campagna, Diego Casas, Enzo Cece, Jacob Chraca, Lucas Collier, Abigail Contro, Gwendolyn Davies, Dominic DiCarlo, Juliette Dixon, Maggie Dolan, Molly Dolatowski, Paola Dominguez, Addison Dzurovcik, Emma Edens, Kyle Farnell, Tara Gaither, Ryan Giba, Tess Glombicki, Alexis Goddard, Connor Gomez, Daniel Grein, Lauren Hall, Joseph Hladek, Alan Hunter, Riley Jorge, Nena Karr, Autumn Koszegi, Elisabeth Krieg, Mikayla Lakomek, Layla Lebron, Ava Lens, Madison Lesniewski, Abigail Martin, Jason Mikolanis, Matthew Opat, Anthony Ornelas, Bryan Piskol, Victoria Piskol, Daniel Queroz, Christian Radencich, Elias Sabat, Abigail Salamanca, Alexis Schmidt, Joshua Serrano, Vincent Soja, Liam Sullivan, Ruby Tolnai, Benjamin Torres, Vivian Uribe, Isabelle Villarreal, Kara Vitale, and Myanne Zachary.

Students, may your first reception of the Eucharistic Lord be a wonderful experience and may you return to the table of the Lord often throughout your lives so that you may receive the nourishment that you need on your earthly pilgrimage to the Kingdom!

FAITH ACTION:  Pray the following prayer for our Religious Education students preparing to receive their First Holy Communion this day.

Lord Jesus Christ, in the Sacrament
of the Eucharist You left us
the outstanding manifestation
of your limitless love for us.
Thank You for giving our children
the opportunity to experience this love
in receiving the Sacrament for the first time.
May your Eucharistic presence keep them
ever free from sin, strengthened in faith,
filled by love for God and neighbor,
and fruitful in virtue, 
that they may
continue to receive You throughout life 
and attain final union with You at death.