Are You Truly Rich?

16 Aug

“The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.”  ~ Yiddish Proverb

Each person has a definition of “rich”.  They would say there were rich if they had any number of the following:
1.  A certain amount of money in the bank
2. A certain amount of possessions
3. A certain level of prestige
4. A certain amount of disposable income

However, all of those always look for “more”.  We never seem to get enough or have enough.  If we make that certain amount in our bank account, we think, “I can have more.”  If we have a certain amount of possessions, we tend to say, “These are not enough.”  If we have a certain level of prestige and honor, we say, “But so-and-so has more.”  If we have a certain amount of “flash cash”, we see those who have more than we do and want what they have.

Those kinds of riches tend to leave us feeling like we do not and will not have enough.  They set us in motion of searching for more in order to satisfy ourselves.  Somehow, we will never be satisfied.

“The truly rich as those who enjoy what they have.”  I have known people whom I would consider lower middle class, upper lower class, or even lower lower class.  Yet, they were not only satisfied with what they had, they were also incredibly happy people.  They did not seem to know — or care — that they were lacking what so many people would desire.  Their rank order of richness was entirely different than the list above.  Their list included:
1.  The love of family members
2. Good health
3. Happy children
4. Caring friends and neighbors

In short, the vast majority of their list was not possessions, it was all about people.

God has blessed us with so much.  He has blessed us with life and love.  He has blessed us with people who care about us.  He has blessed us with a sure and certain hope of resurrection.  Is there really a reason to look for anything more?

FAITH ACTION:  Be satisfied — and thankful — with what comes your way today. Share what you have with those who may not have.