And Not Just Today

14 Feb

“The people you love deserve to hear it.”  ~ Malanda Jean-Claude

I don’t like Valentine’s Day for the same reason that I don’t like Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas or other special holidays.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I do not like what is behind those days, it’s that I think that those days and the sentiments of those days should be every day.  Every day should be Easter.  Every day should be Christmas.  Every day should be a day to give thanks.  Just as today, every day should be a day to tell someone you love him or her.

When we make one day special, we run the risk of forgetting about it for the remainder of the year.  That should never happen.  There is so much in our lives that is special and so many people in our lives who make it so special for us.  Malanda reminds us that they deserve to hear it.  Let them know.

As long as we’re talking about letting people know that we love them, let’s talk about God as well.  Too often, we fail to give God our love.  Oh, we bend His ear when we are in need, we implore Him when someone we love is in distress, but how often do we thank Him or tell Him that we love Him?  That should be a daily occurrence.  We need to let Him know.  We need to let others know.

If you want to buy a sappy card and give it to someone today, by all means, do so.  If you want to buy someone flowers or chocolates, don’t let me stop you.  Those are all beautiful sentiments.  However, if the remainder 364 days of the year leave love and affection unsaid and unpracticed, the action for today is hypocritical.

Be a person of love not just today but every day.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to let the people you love know about it.  And not just today.