Allow God To Help You

18 Feb

“Stop carrying everything on your own.  Allow God to fight the battle for you.”  ~ Unknown

We have reflected a few times upon the sin of pride and how it often gets in the way of our spiritual growth.  In our tainted human nature, we are loathe to ask for help as we consider asking for help to be a sign of weakness.  At the same time, we are well aware that we cannot do some things on our own and require the help of others.

What a horrible spot in which to be caught.  It is like the proverbial rock and hard place.  We know we need help but we don’t want to ask for help but we need help but we won’t ask for help but…

Lent is a time to let go of the “need” to be in control.  It is a time to admit our frailty and ask God for help.  There is no shame in doing so.  As a matter of fact, the shame comes in refusing to ask for help. Today’s reflection is very simple and straightforward:  allow God to help you!

FAITH ACTION:  Turn over all your heartaches and struggles to the Lord today and ask Him to champion your cause.