Advent And Hope

17 Dec

“The word advent means ‘expectation’. What advent can do for us is create a sense of hope.”  ~ Louie Giglio

Using the word “expectation” for the season of Advent signals to us just how serious we believe the season to be.  After all, when we say that we expect something, we are generally sure that we are going to see it, realize it, or receive it.  A woman would not say that she was expecting if she were not reasonably sure that she would deliver a baby.  We do not say that we have an expectant hope during Advent if we do not believe in Jesus or that Jesus will come again in glory.

Our expectation informs our hope and fills us with a joy that can only be brought to us by God.  The season of Advent, then, is not about possibility.  The season of Advent is about well-founded hope.  We know, in our heart, that Christ not only came to this world as an infant but that He will come again in all of His glory to bring us home to Him.

What we do throughout the season of Advent should reflect the expectation that dwells deep within each of us.  Our Advent prayers and practices renew the hope enkindled in us by our faith.  As we share that faith with others, we enkindle expectant hope in them as well.

Hope is a priceless commodity.  It was purchased once for all when Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  When we share our hope with others, we impact them powerfully.  This is what the season of Advent is all about.  It is not about the external preparations for Christmas.  It is about the faith that resides deep inside each of us that yearns to be shared with others.

FAITH ACTION:  Let your hope in the Lord overflow into your daily life so that you may be an inspiration to everyone you meet today.