A Warning

19 Aug

Brothers and sisters:
Watch carefully how you live,
not as foolish persons but as wise,
making the most of the opportunity,
because the days are evil.  (Eph 5:15-16)

Today’s second reading, taken from St. Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus, is a sobering reminder to us all about the importance of living for the Lord rather than for ourselves.

It does not take much looking around to realize that we live in a very sinful world.

It boggles the mind, however, to think that every generation, as far as I can tell, has thought that it was an evil generation.

St. Paul talks about the days being evil.

We still talk about that to this day.

My question is this: If we know that there is so much evil out there, why haven’t we done anything about it?

After all, we are talking about nearly a 2,000 year difference here.  You would think that in that amount of time we would have gotten something correct, wouldn’t you?

The sad truth is that too many people still live for themselves rather than for the Lord.

We are challenged to put aside the things that keep us from God.  We are invited to come to the Lord, to partake of His very own Body and Blood.  He will give us everything we need.  He is all that we need.

FAITH ACTION:  At Mass today, take time after receiving Communion, to thank the Lord for the great gift of His Body and Blood.  If you went to Mass last night, take some time today in prayer to thank the Lord for the gift of the Eucharist.