A Christmas Poem

24 Dec

(with apologies to the original author!)

‘Twas the day before Christmas,
and all through the church,
volunteers were stumbling to get ready,
for missing decorations they did search.

The trees were all decked,
with bright lights they shone,
while musicians did ready
the strings and trombone.

The parishioners were preparing,
to Mass they would go,
while angels sang God’s great praises
to all those below.

And Father in his vestment
and the deacon in his stole
made sure the charcoal was hot
and that they had a full incense bowl.

The choir was singing
with true Christmas glee
and parishioners were joining in
to sing of God’s great glory.

No longer were thoughts turned
to cookies, presents, and more.
Instead, all were focused
on tales and songs from of yore.

For God, He so loved us,
that He sent us His Son.
And He promised to be with us
until our earthly days were done.

So cast off your cares,
from your worries, take a rest,
and prepare as best you can
to welcome the world’s greatest guest.

FAITH ACTION:  Let today’s thoughts, words, and deeds all help you to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Make sure to take the joy and peace of Christmas and share it with everyone you meet these next few days.