Don’t Be Stupid

4 Feb

“Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.”  ~ Unknown

We fight stupidity for the vast majority of our lives.  You can call it many things but it often comes down to stupidity.  Dumb decisions made in youth, arrogant decisions made to impress others, uneducated decisions made because we don’t want to depend upon others, and a whole host of other scenarios often put us in the “stupid” category of life.

Not only do we have a label, we even have a look.  It’s that look of incredulity on our faces that seems to say, “What in the world just happened?  Why did I do this?  What did I just say?”  That look is different from any other look and brands a person immediately.

Stupidity often reaches for the easiest option, the most-agreed upon decision, or the glamorous or exciting experience.  Stupidity makes the decision before asking the brain.  Oftentimes, the brain is totally circumvented.

There is stupidity in each age group of people, stupidity in places of employment, stupidity in politics, and stupidity in the Church.  So many times, people opt for something in society that has a “religious” tag attached to it that is far from religious.  We may even know that it has nothing to do with the faith.  But because so many people accept it, the reality that it is false is not even considered.

There are false teachings in society and false teachings in the Church.  We know these things exist but because we want to be on the bandwagon with everyone else, we often embrace them nonetheless.  Doing so does not make us special.  Doing so does not make us saved.  Doing so only makes us stupid.

Don’t be stupid.  Seek the truth.  Know the truth.  Embrace the truth.  Shed light on the lies so that others might not be deceived.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the gifts of knowledge and discernment so that you may know the truth, embrace it, and act upon it rather than be distracted by lies.