The Seasons Of Our Lives

31 Aug

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.”  ~Albert Camus

It is getting dark earlier each day now.  The flowers are starting to die off and it looks as if winter will soon be approaching.  Some people would look at those realities and sigh to themselves, saying that the beauties of the year are now fading.  Others will look at all that is happening and become energized because a new season is upon us, one that has its own set of colors.

While we may miss the flowers of spring, many people in our area talk about going down to Brown County to take in the Covered Bridge Festival and all the resplendent colors of autumn.  For some autumn people, the colors of fall far outweigh the colors of spring.

We know, as well, that there are still others who are waiting for an even different color: white.  While some might shudder at that thought, there are those who enjoy the white blanket of snow that covers the land in the winter.

Each season has its own particular beauty.  Each season has its own particular gift.  And each season is necessary in order for the other seasons to produce their splendor.  Without the sleep of winter, there are many plants that would not come back.  Without the bloom of spring, there would be no new growth or life.  Without the decay of autumn, there would be no nourishment or insulation for the soil for the winter months.

We need each season.  We should embrace each season for the gift that it is.

Not only does nature have seasons, we have our own seasons as human beings.  We begin in the season of childhood.  Then we move into the season of our teenage years.  From there we move into our adulthood.  Finally, we move into our senior years.  Just as we cannot always have spring, we cannot remain children.  We grow and develop.  Our earlier seasons lay the groundwork for our later lives.

Take the time to appreciate the season around you as well as the season of life you are now in.  It is a special and unique moment that will not be repeated.  Some people get hung up on the season that passed by or the season that is approaching.  In the process, they forget to appreciate the here and now.  In failing to appreciate the here and now, they do not see the good in the present time.

If we fail to see the Lord present in our life today, we might miss Him tomorrow.

FAITH ACTION:  Look carefully at your day.  Keep looking until you find where the Lord is present so that you may respond to Him.