Your Story

21 Mar

“We are surrounded by story.”  ~ Alice McDermott

Story has always been a magnificent way to convey important meaning.  The Old Testament is rich with stories that tell us about God and His interaction with His people.  What a wonderful way to teach children that God pursues His people over land and sea than to tell the story of Jonah and a big fish.  That is merely one example.

I think about that as I reflect about what is happening in our very day.  I imagine the teens of today in their old age telling their great-grandchildren, “Let me tell you about 2020”.  Imagine the stories that they will be able to tell.

We are surrounded by story.  Story keeps us going.  Story gives us ideas and inspiration.  Story conveys a message through the ages.  We have our own faith story as well.  We have a collective faith story that we call the Church.  We also have our own individual faith stories beginning with our birth and baptism and continuing with other sacraments throughout our lives.

Perhaps our days of increased time at home will give us the opportunity to reflect upon the story of our faith.  Think of the times in your life that you felt the presence of God in powerful ways.  Think of the people God put into your life at different times to let you know how special you were.  Think of the people whose lives you have touched because you accepted the invitation of God to reach out to others.

Think about those important stories of your life and thank God for them.

FAITH ACTION:  Reflect upon the story of your faith and consider sharing your story with others.