You Talking To Me?

12 Jan

In times past, God spoke in partial and various ways
to our ancestors through the prophets;
in these last days, he spoke to us through the Son,
whom he made heir of all things
and through whom he created the universe.  (Heb 1:1-2)

We have heard that line bantered around for quite some time.  “You talking to me?  You talking to me?!”  The answer, presumably, would be, “No” because the other person would not want to get into any trouble.

Well, God’s answer would be, “Yes.  I’m talking to you!”  And He would mean it.

He tried to talk to us through the ages.  He gave His word to many a prophet and many a prophet had the Word of God rejected.  Not only did the people reject the Word, they rejected — and more often than not killed — the prophet.  It was a pretty dangerous business to be a prophet.

Since God’s people did not seem to take to His Word, He decided to send The Word, Jesus Christ, so that we could hear directly from God rather than through a spokesperson.  And, wouldn’t you know it, the people rejected Jesus just as they had the prophets before Him.  Additionally, just as they did to the prophets before Him, they killed Jesus.

That did not stop the Word.

God continued to give the Word to His people through the apostles and disciples.  Throughout the ages, we have been entrusted with the Word of God.  Our job is to speak the Word just as the prophets and Jesus did.

People may look at us and say, “You talking to me?”  Well, yes.  We are.  We are talking to them because God wants us to talk to them.  God wants us to talk to them because He wants them to have every opportunity possible to be saved.

Do not be afraid to speak out.  Share God’s Word.  He will credit it to you even if the Word you speak is rejected by others.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who reject the Word of God, that they may soften their hard hearts, hear the Word of God, and be saved.