9 Nov

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”  ~ Bob Marley

“Open your eyes.”  “Look out!”  These are phrases that most of us have heard quite often when we were growing up.  They were meant as warnings to us or encouragements to make sure that we were aware of our surroundings so as not to harm ourselves or others.  They were most definitely needed, were they not?  Without those warnings, we might have gotten into a lot of trouble.

While it might be good to be warned to open our eyes and look out, we also have to remember to open our eyes and look within.  If we do not identify our strengths, we will not find the right “fit” for ourselves in life.  Just as well, if we do not look within and identify our spiritual strengths, we will not be able to give to the Lord as we could or should in our lives.

God has given each of us plentiful gifts, marvelous gifts, extraordinary gifts.  And just as unique as each of us is, so are our gifts.  There are myriads upon myriads of combinations of the spiritual gifts that are showered upon humanity and all of humanity is challenged to give those gifts back to the Lord by giving them to one another.

But how can we give something that we are not aware that we have?  If we do not spend time reflecting upon the gifts that God may have given to us, we will not be able to identify them and determine how best to use them.  This can take some of us years before identifying fully what we have received.

Do not be afraid to look within.  You have not been left out.  God has given you wonderful gifts.  Look within.  Identify your gifts.  Use them for the benefit of others.  That would please God immensely.

FAITH ACTION:  Look within yourself, identify your spiritual strengths, and set out to give praise to God by your words and deeds.