Who Really Matters? Everyone!

27 Mar

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.”  ~Unknown

From the time we are very young, we place people in hierarchical ranking.  Some are more important to us.  Some are least important to us.  Oftentimes, we let those people know exactly where they stand in our mind, often at a disservice to both them and ourselves because doing so can make people happy, delighted, angry or sad.

Why is it that we often get satisfaction from letting people know that we do not think much of them?  Why does it buoy us up so much to belittle others?  Why should some people count and others be ignored, sometimes tragically so?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I think God cares about this person?”  I think we would change our ways quite radically if we asked ourselves that question before ignoring or belittling another.  Because we all know the answer.  God loves everybody equally and completely.  There is no one that God does not love.  There is no one that God does not care about.  There is no one that God does not extend salvation.  God cares for all.

If we call ourselves servants of the Most High, if we call ourselves followers of Christ, we must pattern ourselves in His image and likeness.  In Him, there is no hatred or malice.  In Him, there is only mercy, forgiveness, and love.

We are going to encounter many people today.  Do any of them not matter?  I would hope not.  They all matter.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to be kind to all those you encounter today, particular those you tend to ignore.