What Calls You?

19 Mar

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”  ~ John Muir

John Muir, often called the “Father of the National Parks”, was a great lover of nature and influenced many people to pay attention to the natural beauty of our great land.  He was instrumental in having many sections of our country designated as national parks.  His words were often quoted by nature photographers such as Ansel Adams.

John Muir was so important because he not only had passion but he found a way to direct that passion so that others could see what he believed to be so very important.

We are in the midst of the season of Lent.  Our passion for Christ is being challenged sorely.  We are confronted with all sorts of obstacles and diversions with the virus outbreaks all over the world.  Yesterday, we heard the sad news that even Lourdes, the place most often associated with healing, was closed because of the outbreak in France.

We could let the diversion, fear, confusion, and doubt get in the way of our search for the Lord, or, we could use the extra time so many of us now have to seek the Lord in deeper ways.  While some of us still have to go in to jobs, many others are at home as we are being asked to remain in place to slow the spread of the virus.  While at home, so many people are “looking for things to do.”

Hey.  I’ve got something for you to do.  Sit down, turn off all the distractions around you and pray.  If some of the distractions around you are children, sit them down with you and pray together.  Pray the rosary, tell favorite Bible stories, or watch religious movies together.  You do know that you can find religious movies out there on streaming services, don’t you?  It doesn’t have to be all murder mysteries, cartoons, or other shows.

Taking the time to focus upon our souls’ longing for Jesus will help us to sharpen and shape our passion.  We will be able to find the Lord in deeper ways and that will allow Him to lead us into closer union with Him.

There is so much that can be done.  We just need to allow the proper passion to lead us.  Will our passion for the Lord overcome our passion for other worldly diversions in this present time of strife?

FAITH ACTION:  Take as much time as you need to sit in silence today and try to discern the voice of the Lord as He calls to you.