What Binds You?

8 Dec

O Christ, whom nations sigh for, whom priest and prophet long foretold,
Come break the captive fetters; redeem the long-lost fold.

Today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Christ, whom all nations sighed for, was to come into the world, born of a virgin. At the moment that Mary was conceived, she was free from original sin, thus making her a holy and unblemished vessel for Jesus.

Mary’s conception without original sin did not mean that she was forced to accept the invitation from God to be the Mother of the Savior. She still had a choice as you and I do. She had a choice to accept God’s invitation or reject God’s invitation. Because of her “yes” to God, the Savior was born into our world.

We long for the day when God calls us to Himself. We ask Him to break the fetters of sin that keep us captive. Yes, Jesus destroyed sin and death by His own death and resurrection. However, there are too many times that we allow ourselves to be chained by sin. Those times take us farther away from God than He would want. If we go too far, we might find ourselves lost forever.

Pray that you might have Mary’s humble faith in God to say yes to His will even if you are unsure where His invitation will lead you. One thing is certain: if God calls and you say yes, He will give you everything that you need to remain faithful to that call.

FAITH ACTION: Ask God to free you from the fetters of sin so that you may live more completely as His child here on earth.