Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity

19 Jan

The word of God is living and effective,
able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.  (Heb 4:12)

What is in our hearts?  There are times that we may not be sure.  We might be confused because we see so many things and are tempted in so many ways.  We want to be faithful to God yet we are called by this world to reject God at different junctures in our lives.

Who is in our hearts?  Again, there are many times we are not sure.  We try to hold God in our hearts but oftentimes allow other people to hold a primary position in our hearts, thus crowding out the Lord.

Where are our hearts?  There are times we are very focused and other times that we find our hearts being tugged in all directions.  We feel as if our lives are very helter-skelter and we become conflicted in so many ways.

When this happens, we begin to distrust our hearts.  We are afraid that we will be led in the wrong direction [again] and that we will find ourselves in a bad way.

However, God knows our hearts.  He discerns the reflections and thoughts of our hearts.  And, if we allow Him in, He will help us to remain steadfast.

It is quite sad when a people professes to believe in Jesus Christ yet condemns others who also profess belief in Jesus Christ.  We should not be divided.  We should be united.  Because we have allowed our hearts to be pulled so many ways, there has been a great divide among God’s people.  This week, in a special way, we pray for unity among all Christians.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that all who believe in Jesus may come to closer union day by day.

Lord Jesus Christ, at your Last Supper
you prayed to the Father that all
should be one. Send your Holy Spirit
upon all who bear your name and
seek to serve you. Strengthen our
faith in you, and lead us to love one
another in humility. May we who
have been reborn in one baptism be
united in one faith under one
Shepherd. Amen.