We Represent God

26 Sep

“There is no place in my soul, no corner of my character, where God is not.”  ~ Evelyn Underhill

When I was the director of Camp Lawrence, I used to remind the staff on Saturday afternoons before their day off that they represented the Camp.  If they went out in their staff shirts, what they said or did not only reflected upon them but it also reflected, good or ill, upon the Camp and the Camp program.

Whenever students would leave the school for field trips, I would always remind them that they represented the school wherever they were.  If they misbehaved, it was not only they that were seen in a negative light but the school as well.

If we call ourselves Christians, we need to remember that we represent God at all times.  If we claim to be believers but live in a manner contrary to the Gospel, it is not only a mark against us but it also affects how others perceive God.

Think about it. If you were an outsider who had never before heard about God and someone came to you claiming to be God’s servant but then began treating you poorly or unjustly, would you want to learn more about God?

I would think not.  Instead, you would probably stay away from that person and from any other people who claimed to represent God as well. Therefore, we do God a grave disservice when we claim to be His followers but do not live as He asks.

Underhill reminds us of what every Christian truly believes and should heed:  there is no place within that God is not found.  This is a deep and profound belief and has just as deep and wondrous implications.  Probably the biggest implication is that we have the opportunity to introduce other people to God.

When we live appropriately, when we love others unconditionally, when we are just, merciful, and kind, we bring God to others.  When others look at us, they should be able to see more than us.  They should see God who dwells within us.

This thought might be good fodder for an examination of conscience prior to your next confession.  We should ask ourselves the question, “When people look at me, do they see God?”  If our answer is no, it points out weaknesses that need to be improved.

If we acknowledge the need to change and ask God to give us the grace to do so, He will respond quickly and generously so that others may see Him in us.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure that your words and deeds today represent the love of God.